Who is eligible to receive help from DCD?

DCD primarily assists Massachusetts dentists, and less frequently members of the dental team and family members.

Do I have to be an active member of the Massachusetts Dental Society to get help from DCD?

DCD encourages MDS membership. It is not required.

Does DCD charge a fee for its services?

All DCD services are free to MDS member-dentists. Non-member dentists pay a fee to participate in our Confidential Dentist Assistance Program. Please contact DCD for more information.

Why should I talk to DCD about my problem?

DCD is staffed by dentists who have experienced addiction and recovery. We know first-hand what it’s like to practice dentistry while trying to control a drinking or drug problem. We can help.

What information do I need to give when I call?

During your first call, you can share as much or as little as you want, even remain anonymous. All calls are handle with compassion, without judgment, and with respect for your privacy.

What should I do if I am concerned about a colleague or loved one?

Many people call DCD for this reason. Reaching out for help on behalf of another person is a sign that you care.

Do you help people at any stage of addiction?

Yes. We facilitate the recovery process from inception through maintenance and relapse prevention. We can be involved to the extent requested. Participation with DCD is voluntary.

Can DCD help my case with the Dental Board?

Yes. Upon request from a licensee, DCD can provide documentation of participation in its remediation program to the Board and other regulatory agencies.

What is DCD’s relationship to the Dental Board?

DCD is independent of the Dental Board. The Board may refer a licensee to DCD for remediation in lieu of punitive measures. DCD does not share identifying information of any licensee unless that person requests that we do and signs a consent to release information. Statistical data is provided to the Dental Board in aggregate form only. 

Does DCD share information with anyone at the Massachusetts Dental Society?

No. The MDS supports our work but does not request or receive information about our activities or participants.

What is the best way to get in touch with DCD?

DCD strongly encourages any interested individual to call us at (800) 468-2004. Email messages that do not contain personal health information (PHI) or other sensitive information may be sent through our contact page.