DCD's Mission

DCD's mission is to enhance patient safety by providing dental professionals affected by substance use a confidential pathway to recovery. Substance use is a disease, not a moral failing or character defect. Dentists afflicted with substance use problems are just as worthy of help and compassion as those who suffer from any other illness.  

Substance use and other disorders may lead to impairment of a dentist’s ability to practice with reasonable skill and safety. It is in the best interest of the individual, patients, and society to treat these illnesses early before workplace impairment results.  Treatment of these disorders is best done with confidentiality, without which impaired dentists are reluctant to seek assistance.  

Dentists with first-hand knowledge that a colleague is practicing impaired have an ethical responsibility to report such evidence to the professional assistance committee of a dental society.



DCD provides resources to those who seek our services, and is designed to provide assessments and also monitor those in need of recovery from substance use disorders. We do not attempt nor wish to pressure anyone into recovery.