Making a Referral


Refer Yourself Or a Colleague

If you wish to refer a colleague, or if you are in need of help, we strongly encourages you to call us at (800) 468-2004.

Referrals to DCD come from colleagues, family members, friends, patients, and often from the affected dentist. Each referral is treated individually, in a compassionate and confidential manner. We respond to the concerns of families and colleagues by providing coordinated interventions and referrals to treatment.

Communications with DCD are protected under state law, and chemical dependency cases have additional protections under federal law.

Participation with DCD is voluntary. We will strongly urge a doctor who is ill to get help, and we will suggest specific treatment options, but we do not attempt to force our services on any dentist who does not want them. 

Before You Contact DCD...


At the time of the first contact, it is helpful to be able to provide some of the following information:

  • The name of the dentist seeking services
  • The nature of the concern
  • Any history and factors related to the concern
  • Documentation of any previous services or treatment received
  • Documentation of any complaints that may have initiated the contact or may have been made regarding performance

After You Contact DCD...

Once a dentist contacts DCD, confidentiality parameters prevent DCD from communicating with any third parties including the referral source unless there is a signed consent in place. Please be sure to obtain consent from the dentist you have referred allowing you to communicate with DCD, and DCD to communicate with you.  As consents can be withdrawn, it is important to confirm that consent remains in place throughout the assessment process by seeking regular confirmation and/or documentation from DCD.